The world is slowly moving towards more online communication. Make sure your business doesn’t fall behind

Is a company that sells clothes online with great designs for animal lovers. The goal for this website was to create a simple clean website of what they are offering.

The result is a clean, easy to understand website with its own identity. I had to mention that the owner trusted me to create the assets as well as the clothing mockups for the website.

This is the result. I hope you like it as much as the owner did!

Who the heck are we and what does “Coach Pony” mean, anyway?

Coach Pony came from the idea that “coaching” comes from “stage coach” – meaning to move you forward.

And ponies help you get there (and also like to travel in herds).  Sometimes, you just need a ride (i.e., the right people and the right information) and the right landing page.

That is why Christie trusted me redesigning her new landing page (Currently in development) to keep on helping as many coaches as possible realize their potential.

It is true that I have not had the chance yet to collaborate on building a new app, but that does not mean I can not play around with ideas and start having fun prototyping, right?

Infinity Travel is meant to be a guide for tourists and the places they can visit while they are visiting certain countries. Building its content by its users and their recommendations, Infinity Travel is meant to be more than just another social app for sure. 

Of course if it ever gets deploy that is! 

This is just a concept of a login screen for a new music app, getting ready to finalizing the prototyping once all the content is ready to go! 

In the meantime, we can play with the login part. Check it out! 

Owned by a local family, Junk It Plus features dedicated employees who believe that their lives are improved when they help other people improve their lives.

That means providing efficient and cost-effective dumpster rental services throughout central Florida.

Lucas, the owner; entrusted me with redesigning his website, an old design, and old content. Lucas wanted something fresh that could last for years, here is the outcome!

A company that sells customized mirrors online with great designs for every taste. Jennifer’s main goal for this site was for it to look like Dior.com: a simple and clean website.

This is the result. I hope you like it as much as Jennifer did!

Even tho I previously had a Portfolio up, I took on the challenge to create a new, modern style website, using the current trends and styles of 2020.

I really like the outcome and the flow of my new Portfolio.

What do you think? 

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